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Annual Membership drive


Hello Bulldog family we are looking to increase our ability to contribute to the students at Woodward Career Technical High school regarding scholarships, academic programs & athletic opportunities post-graduation. This is done through the Alumnal Association and its ability to raise funds. It first starts with becoming a member. As president I am issuing a challenge to each class are you up for the challenge. We will have three fundraising efforts and you class will be recognize as the 2020 top dawg in one of these categories 


 Bulldog Membership Award 

Goes to the class the has the most members to join the Alumnal associate either by paying their yearly or obtaining a Lifetime membership 

Top Class Award

Goes to the class the raises their class number in funds the fastest either through membership or general donations.  Example the class of 1990 needs to raise $1990.00   

Big Dawg Award 

Goes to the class the raises the most money by March 5,2021 Founders Day 


$25 Annual Membership Due every January

$100 Lifetime membership (onetime fee)

Must complete an application online and pay your fee.


All contest ends March 5th Founder’s Day

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